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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bike Cave is now officially open at its new location: 115 1/2 S Pattie

We are finally open! Today marks our first official day of business at our new 115 1/2 S Pattie location. We are nestled comfortably between Notes and Noises (we are part of their shop space) and Red Sea Tattoo. At 11:11am this morning we received our first sale and we couldn't be happier.

Charli at the front desk, busy, toothy, and filling up on coffee.

The shop looks absolutely fantastic with its color coded benches and tools and a fresh tire rack and tables made especially for us by Mr. Aaron Rivers. Our first day felt hopeful with friends stopping by to check out the shop and a mention in the Wichita Eagle by Carrie Rengers. Check out her blog write up in the business section  here or scroll down to read a brief excerpt of the article at the end of this entry.

Wichitawesome work benches: tables made by Aaron Rivers, model: David

The "yellow bench" with tools and a picture of our tire rack by Aaron Rivers, new and used tires


Father and son, Michael and Tom James talk shop. Most dogs welcome.

Thanks to our readers for all of their support and for simply following the progression we've made. Please come by the shop, say hello, and give us some work to do. We'll teach you all you need to know about bikes in return. 

Excerpt from the Wichita Eagle:

Bike Cave comes out of the basement into its own space

WICHITA — The Bike Cave, which Michael James started a few years back in his College Hill basement and garage, is going mainstream with its own place.
“It’s always been the long-term goal to get to where we’re in a retail space,” James says.
The shop opens Wednesday in part of the Notes and Noises record shop on Pattie just south of Douglas Avenue.
The Bike Cave is a nonprofit organization that exists to promote biking and help more people do it through economical repairs.
Bike owners can pay $5 to rent bench space and specialized tools to fix their own bikes, or they can hire someone at the shop.
“We’re not trying to steal business from any of the retail shops,” James says.
He says a lot of shop owners are supportive of the Bike Cave.
“We’re really trying to exist for people who aren’t riding but maybe could be,” James says.

Read more here:

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