Friday, April 27, 2012

The Better Block Project: Tonight and Tomorrow!

Between 4-9pm tonight, regular commuters of Douglas, within Hydraulic and Kansas Avenue will be presented with a temporary, refreshing, and hopefully, more scenic arrangement of the downtown sidewalks. The Better Block Project, captained by Jason Roberts of Dallas, Texas is a unique concept that transforms grey, run down, pedestrian-sparse areas into comfortable sidewalk seating, bike friendly lanes, pop up coffee shops, food vendors, and virtually anything that will draw a crowd to the street. 

Unlike most city planning, the slow upstart of quaint sidewalk businesses, or the dredging of ordinances, The Better Block Project bypasses the endless project proposal meetings by giving the public as well as city officials the hands on experience - all over the span of a weekend. On top of the "street renovations," many volunteers and patrons are encouraged to display public art. Even the city 

If you don't have tonight to experience the enhanced crosswalks or night time lighting, the temporary set up can also be experienced on Saturday between  9am and 1p. 

If this description isn't filling your awesome meter to max, then the amount of bike friendly amenities should surely tip the scale. Considering The Bike Cave is burgeoning with bicycle enthusiasts, we are especially thrilled about a bike track separating bicyclists from traffic by a median, a bike lane separating traffic from parking, a bike rack, and even a bike-in theater. 

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