Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bike Month 2012 PSA

Our first day at The Bike Cave was a joyful success brimming with energy, curious patrons, and a busy cash register. Let's hope that this is an indication of business to come and that our beginning years will not be as brutal as our neuroses envisions it to be. Day 2 has been partially spent giving our blog a face lift (complete with gigantic title logo, an update of authors, and a correctly listed address).

We are now three days into Bike Month and there is much to be excited for. Like what? I'm glad you asked. How about this PSA video that featuring Mayor Carl Brewer? Click the video below and enjoy informative content about Bike Wichita:

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Learn more about the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan, bike routes in Wichita, regulations about riding your bike in traffic, and scheduled meetings.

Click the KSN news link for the latest news on Wichita's Bicycle Master plan and comments from the members of the community, including Wichita bicycle club, The Coasters. 

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