Monday, October 17, 2011

So, turns out...

I'm really awful at this whole blogging thing. Mainly the remembering passwords part. Truth is, running the shop takes precedence over running a blog and the shop has been crazy busy this summer. We sold a ton of bikes, helped fix at least that many, made numerous improvements to the shop and drank approximately 16,000 beers collectively.

That being said, we have a few projects we'll need help with. The first is disposing of the mountain of junk bikes in the back yard. They'll have to be stripped of rubber and plastic, and sorted in to steel and aluminum before they can be recycled. I'd like to get this started next Sunday, but I know everyone will be pretty busy making magnificent Halloween costumes, so it may have to be spread out over a couple weeks.

The next big news is INCORPORATION! Yes, the Bike Cave is on it's way to becoming a real live not-for-profit with (cross your fingers) a real live commercial shop space! This will mean lots of paperwork, boring board meetings and money. Lots of money. If you feel inclined to help out in any of these areas, get in touch! We will be drafting bylaws, electing a board and filing for incorporation within the next month or so.

And as always, open shop Sundays 11-4, 553 N Fountain.

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