Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bike Cave is not dead!

Merely hibernating.  Yes I realize late summer is an odd time for a bike co-op to hibernate but due to personal circumstances of myself and other staff members, regular open shop hours were put on temporary hiatus.  We are still available by appointment (through this blog, facebook, or email me at mtjames at cox dot net) and are tentatively looking at Sundays for our regular shop day through the winter.  We have also been kicking around the idea of a weekly minor repair station on WSU campus, most likely Thursdays. 

Other plans for the winter include
-another fundraiser event
-renovating the shop!  Workflow has been difficult and we're drawing up plans to add more work stations, more tools and better organized parts storage
-Winter biking seminar to help get you and your bike through the cold, sleet and the snow.  Trust me, with the right preparation, winter cycling can be a lot of fun.
-More group rides and alley cat races 

If you're interested in volunteering or need help with a bike or have donations for us, please get in touch via my email above, or this blog, or just stop by 553 N Fountain.

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