Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long time, no post folks.  But fear not, the Bike Cave is merely hibernating like a Grolar bear in a hollowed out tree or a toothless crackhead under the canal route walkways.  Attendance to open shops has been next to nothing for several weeks now but last Saturday showed signs of spring.  Sure enough, the balmy lower-50s temperatures and clear skies brought with them new volunteers!
They were extremely professional, as you can see they organized themselves in near sweatshop-like efficiency.  Three slaved away, chained to their workstands, covered in grease and sweat while the cold-hearted CEO and his soft-spoken consultant glare on.  It was an inspiring sight.  They even cleaned the heck out of the garage!


And put up some new tire racks

We even sold a few bikes. 
The Creepy Face approves.

Don't be scared of the snow!  It's Critical Mass tomorrow, meet at the Donut Whole, ride leaves at 6.  Don't miss an epic trek to kick off the first CM of the new decade! 

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  1. Good to see you folks up and about.

    I owe y'all some sweat equity and some "press," such as I can provide, via the blog. Drop me a line, eh? I'd like to come by and visit . . . or is your location a state secret? Write me at "blogmeridian AT sbcglobal DOT net"