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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

slow week

It was just me last Saturday, out in the cold garage, all alone... I'll probably fire up the propane heater this week and try to get some more lighting installed so we can keep the garage door closed comfortably. 

Starting to put together some more concrete operating procedures, i.e. money handling, a general pricing guide, membership, etc.  All things that should help the shop running smoother and more "professionally" (as professional as a non-profit diy bike shop run from a garage/basement can be!) 

We've also been brainstorming some fundraiser events.  Got any ideas?  Let us know!  I want to do a Winter Bicycle Olympics at the ice rink- racing and polo?  Charli doesn't think they'll let us do it... We'll see about that.

Start studding those tires and layering up, winter is officially here. 

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  1. I would suggest to seek out best practices/lessons learned and try not to reinvent the wheel. Check out the Missoula Bicycle Collective for some ideas;