Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The first Open Shop Day

After over a year of planning and wheel-spinning, the Wichita Bicycle Collective's bike shop is finally getting off the ground.  Our first open-shop day on Saturday was a huge success.  A few generous donors (sorry I've forgotten your names, guys) brought us some veritable treasure troves from lumber to workbenches, even a trailer-load of awesome bikes!

We spent most of the day sorting parts and organizing the shop.  It's beyond exciting to see shelves full of neat parts bins, wheels in orderly rows and tubes sorted by size after months of frustrated digging through hopelessly jumbled piles looking for that one bolt you just saw last week... And we couldn't have done it without our able volunteers that came and helped.  Brandon and Luke, you guys are great!  We're especially glad to have Tom on board; knowledgeable and friendly, he's just the kind of person the shop needs more of.

Want to help out too?  Fear not, the work is far from done.  Upcoming projects include organizing tools, setting up work benches, stripping parts from bikes and getting complete bikes tuned up and ready to sell.  Open Shop is every Saturday from 12-6 (we'll be closed Oct. 17 though), stop by 553 N Fountain to lend a hand. 

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