Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time to Say Goodbye

Dearest Bike Cavers,

This is sad to say, but The Bike Cave will be closed by November 30th, 2013. We had no luck in finding people to take over for us and so we must shut the doors. Hopefully some day there will be another shop that will fill our role, but until then we thank you all for the love and support these last 4 years. It was fun while it lasted. Mike and I still plan on being avid cyclists in town and will do our best to stay in touch with the cycling community. We hope to become more active in other advocacy groups so that we can keep the momentum moving forward for more positive cycling experiences in Wichita.

Love always,

Charli Lauer
The Bike Cave

P.S.- We are selling everything at the shop starting November 21st so stop in one last time and get some awesome deals on bikes, bike parts, and/or tools!


1 comment:

  1. This is really to bad. I think you all had a great thing going here and providing a much needed community service.